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Epic Camp is not an ordinary triathlon camp. If you are looking for a challenge that seems almost impossible then keep reading. 
Epic Camps are designed to be the ultimate triathlon challenge testing athletes physical and mental fortitude. The camps involve a very high training load in awesome destinations. We have run camps in Kona, Italy, France (Alpes & Pyrenees), Australia, Colorado and multiple camps in New Zealand. Our intention is to get likeminded endurance athletes together in a totally supported environment and see what is possible. 
The consistent feedback we receive from athletes is that they are amazed at what is possible to achieve backing up big days. The physiological gains are fantastic as either early base or specific race preparation but the mental gains from our camps are long lasting.  An Ironman is an endurance test and the ethos behind Epic Camp is to share our beliefs of big week training and taking athletes to a place they would not be able to reach training by themselves. 


The idea for Epic Camps started in July of 2001 in a friend’s garage. The July weather can be a bit bleak in Christchurch so each July my buddy Peter would hook us up to the Tour de France via satellite TV in his garage. We ride our trainers and watch Tour coverage. Its one of the main things that gets me through our long, cold, dark winters in decent shape. During one of these sessions, we came up with the idea to do bike tours where everyone rides big K's and has some fun. Each day would have points like stages in the Tour but the main focus would simply be big training and fun. Pete went on to launch the 5-Passes Tour.

My buddy Gordo and I decided to put on a tri camp with that initial idea in mind, but added a caveat that the participants would need to be of a really high standard to create a bit of a competitive atmosphere.
There are a lot of triathlon camps out there run by excellent coaches who are helping people learn valuable skills. What we wanted to do was give top athletes (age groupers and elites) the opportunity to change their physiology and outlook towards endurance training. To help them take their performance to a whole new level. We also wanted to have a platform to share the different training philosophies that we had developed.
The basic outline for each Epic Camp is to ride huge miles with people that are looking to become the very best they can be – the group using each other to take themselves where we couldn’t get alone. Along the way, we’ll talk training and have some fun. Over eight or more days of swimming, biking and running, we figured that there would be plenty of opportunity to get to know each other.
Cheers, Scott